Plant Spacing Calculator

So how do you calculate how many plants to use for a given area? Well, plants are typically circular as seen from above, so we can calculate the area that a plant will take up:

Area per Plant = Pi x (Radius)^2
Radius = 1/2 of the diameter of the plant, or 1/2 the spacing from the center of one plant to the center of the next plant

If you want the plants to remain as single elements add a little extra to the mature diameter of the plant. For example, your plant has a mature diameter of 0.9 metres (3’), but we can plant with a spacing (or distance from center of one plant to center of the other) of 1.2m if we wanted wider spacing. If we really wanted a tight massing we could use 0.5m as the spacing distance.

Number of plants to use 
= Area of Plant Bed / Area per Plant
= Area of Plant Bed / (Pi x (Radius)^2)
= Area of Plant Bed / (Pi x (0.5 x plant spacing)^2)

So, for example, if our Planting Bed is 5 square meters (about 50 sq ft)
and our plant spacing was 0.9m (3’),
the Number of Plants to Use is:
5 sq.m. / (Pi x (0.5 x 0.9m)^2)
= 5 / (3.14 x (0.45)^2)
= 5 / 0.64
= 8 plants

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